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Founded in 2023

by Bradley Hope

and Tom Wright,

the former Wall Street Journal reporters and NYT bestselling authors of BILLION DOLLAR WHALE, Brazen Studios is the sister agency and podcast recording studio brought to you by Project Brazen, a Peabody-nominated global journalism studio and production company. Its work has exposed philandering kings, crooked military leaders, criminal art dealers, Silicon Valley spies and the billionaire behind one of the biggest money-laundering frauds in history.



Bradley Hope

Bradley is the co-author of Billion Dollar WhaleBlood and Oil and author of The Rebel and the Kingdom. He spent seven years breaking stories and leading investigations at the Wall Street Journal from New York and London. Before that, he covered the Arab Spring from Cairo, Tripoli and Beirut. He started his career as a police reporter at the New York Sun in Manhattan. He is a Pulitzer finalist and a winner of the Gerald Loeb Award for International Reporting. He is also the co-founder of the experimental publication New York Moon.


Tom Wright

Tom is the co-author of Billion Dollar Whale, and creator and host of Fat Leonard, a nine-part podcast about a military contractor who corrupted the U.S. Navy, and Crypto Kingpins, about the feud atop the world of crypto that sent the whole tower tumbling down. He spent over twenty years reporting from Asia for the Wall Street Journal and has lived in Thailand, Indonesia, India, Hong Kong and Singapore. His investigations have exposed corporate and government corruption. Tom is a Pulitzer finalist, a Gerald Loeb winner, and he was honored in 2020 with the Shorenstein award from Stanford University for his services to journalism in Asia.

Creative Director

Ryan Ho

Ryan is a Hong Kong-based creative technologist. He has previously worked at HYPEBEAST, FAKE Design, School of Creative Media at The City University of Hong Kong, and VIPELABS. As a freelance art director, designer, and web developer, Ryan has worked on a wide range of projects with startups and leading global brands. Ryan has a background in art history and visual arts, receiving his MA from The University of Hong Kong and BA from The University of Chicago.

Head of Business Development

Nour Abdel Latif

Nour is an operations and marketing strategist, with degrees and a background in Business Administration, Political Science, and Marketing. She has held multiple roles in industries ranging from the F&B and retail sectors to social enterprises, media and podcasting. Nour runs strategic initiatives to expand Brazen Studios’ client base and enhance brand visibility. By leveraging her expertise, Nour cultivates relationships, identifies growth opportunities, and executes targeted campaigns through our global creative marketing agency, driving company growth for all of our clients, and fostering lasting partnerships.