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Your story is your best asset. With Brazen Studios, you can make sure it’s heard.

Whether you’re building a brand or the next true crime hit, we can provide end-to-end podcast production and story consultation, craft unstoppable marketing campaigns and design high-impact podcast art to make your show cut through the noise.

Let's get to work:

With our state-of-the-art recording studio in central London and a team of seasoned writers, producers, designers, and marketers, Brazen Studios will get eyes and ears on your show using trailblazing web design, digital strategy, visual branding, and more.


Authentic, original storytelling is at the centre of everything we do. We’ll help you discover, refine, and own your story. This could be consulting on narrative, outlining episodes, release dates and guests, and developing and fact-checking scripts to make your story sing.


Whether you’re in our state-of-the-art recording space in central London or elsewhere, we’ll ensure premium quality for all your audio. Our sound designers and composers can mix and master your podcasts, and score original soundtracks. Our soundproof studio has reverberation treatment and premium equipment and software for a flawless final product. Learn more about our studio here.


Your show’s visual identity is a powerful storytelling tool in its own right. We’ll create a visual universe for your show, from high-impact cover art and platform assets to dynamic web design and comprehensive style guidelines to make your show stand out from the crowd.


In a crowded space, we’ll connect you to the right hosting platforms, maximize your show’s SEO, and get your episodes uploaded without a hitch. If you’re considering a subscription model, we can guide you through the process to best monetize your content.


We’ll get your show seen using targeted platform promotional requests, powerful ad exchanges with other shows, and content marketing across social platforms, newsletters and more. We combine tried-and-tested industry know-how with guerilla tactics – whether that’s creating a bespoke perfume, staging a public protest or throwing the ultimate launch party.


Years of experience mean we can analyze your listener metrics, track your progress and turn complex data into a plan for growing your show. If you’re using paid advertising, we’ll execute, track and analyze its efficacy, ensuring you get the biggest bang for your buck.

When it comes to podcast marketing, we combine tried-and-tested industry know-how with guerilla tactics. That could be creating a limited edition merch collection or a bespoke perfume, staging a public protest or the ultimate launch party.

Let's talk podcasts.

Indie Startup

Get your podcast off the ground and in front of listeners with our startup package.

  • A 1:1 strategy session with the Brazen Studios’ team
  • We’ll refine your story, brand and guidelines
  • High-level introductions for podcast promo swaps
  • Targeted feedback on social and web strategy
  • Access to the Brazen Design guide
  • Analytics report
Podcast Launch Most Popular

Whether you’re releasing a new podcast or a fresh season, ensure your show makes a splash with Brazen’s targeted launch programme.

  • Weekly consultations with the Brazen Studios’ teams
  • Sizzle and audio advert production and feedback
  • We’ll refine your story, brand and guidelines
  • High-level promotional swaps
  • Email and newsletter marketing
  • Access to the Brazen Design guide and design feedback
  • A bespoke post-launch analytics report
Master Storyteller

Create a legacy brand by harnessing your story’s maximum potential through a 1:1 programme with our experts.

  • Weekly consultations with Brazen Studios’ founders
  • Private Slack channel for 1:1 support
  • We’ll build your story, brand and guidelines together
  • High-level promotional swaps and feed drops
  • Dynamic web design and social strategy
  • A portfolio of original podcast art and design assets
  • Content creation, including articles and newsletters
  • Comprehensive analytics reporting